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Question for you RK riders

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I'm trying to decide between the RK/RK Classic and the Heritage Soft Tail Classic.

Why did you choose the RK when you bought your bike? Did you consider the Heritage? Anyone that has owned both and has a preference?

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I leave the bags on all the time, I always like a leather jackets available, for when the temp changes, plus ...... IMHO, a King with the bags on looks much better than the Heritage. Probably because the King is designed for the bags, rather than having them added on. The King also handles a little better, something to do with the rake (angle) of the front fork, I believe. If I had planned to ride without bags for a reasonable part of the time, I might have looked closer at the softtails.

I have had several of both FLSTC & FLHR . to me the benefits of the FLHR are / hard bags with liners - cast wheels - tubeless tyres - twin disc front end - air adjustable suspension - front and rear crash bars - rubbermounted engine - better ground , cornering clearance - better wind protection behind the screen .
Negatives , stock FLHR seat and handlebars are junk .
What xrystl said :D

My wife and I were riding a Heritage in LA and bottomed out on a freeway bridge joint. Her bruised tailbone was a good justification to go with the air shocks on the RC.

Aside from that, I find the King more comfortable on the highway but the Heritage rentals I tried were smoother in heavy traffic.
Ditto what XRYSTL said, although I have the classic.

I Changed handlebars to heritage style....and changed seat to LePara....the bike now feels much better and rides much better than my friends Heritage classic.
The RK is a great ride. Mine is a converted FLHPI. Wanted to ride two up so changed to a HD seat (stock RK) got a deal, but then it isn't sufficient. Police bike already had the Heritage style bars. You can't beat the rubber mounts & air suspension. She really smooths out in 5th gear.

I asked this question in the seats forum but didn't get any feedback. Anyone tried the Butt Buffer inserts in their stock seats? Opinions anyone?

xrystl said:
FLHR Negatives , stock FLHR seat and handlebars are junk .
Ain't that the truth!!!
RKC bags

Question on the RKC leather -covered bags. What does the leather cover?
I know that they are hard bags but what is the "hard" made of? Metal?Plastic?
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Re: RKC bags

targetman2000 said:
Question on the RKC leather -covered bags. What does the leather cover?
I know that they are hard bags but what is the "hard" made of? Metal?Plastic?
IMHO the Heritage Classic is much better looking than either Road King. I traded my 2000 Heritage off on a Screamin Eagle Road King because of a bad back. The RK is more balanced and has a much smoother ride. It takes less steering effort. But, no back problems -- I would have a Heritage. If I wanted to do a lot of touring the RK is better. My perception is that the handling of the RK is slow, I am trading for a Road Glide. I should have loved the Screamin Eagle but I didn't.
tdp1 : I have a 01 FLHPI myself. It has been converted to 2 up use, with RK setup. I really like the rubber mount ride and the handling characteristics of the RK. The lockable saddlebags are a plus too. Of course the air adjustable suspension is an added bonus.
Just my .02

I believe that the RK handles better in the corners and rides smoother at highway speed. I also would rather not have the counterbalancers because they are noisy at idle and have heard they can have problems with slippage at high rpm. The RK does vibrate alot at idle but it doesn't bother me. I suggest you try to testride/rent both and see which one you like best.
Between RK's flip a coin, carb vs efi, hard bags vs leather bags, cruise control vs none, $1000 price diff.. plus a couple of minor things......++++++++++++rubber mounted engine;s...........ddo yooooour self a test drive, rent each scooter ffor 6 hours..........nuff said
Sometimes I wish I still had the old Road King, it was a great bike.

I prefer the standard with the hard bags and a carburetor.
Thanks for the helpful info guys. I decided on the Heritage. It's an '02 exactly like the pic in my sig. :)
I bought a FLHR 2002 two months ago. My first Harley and my dream machine. I wanted the look a the Road King front end with the rear end of the Electra Glide so I changed the seat for the wider and more comfortable pillow type. I also add the quick connect bracket so that I can use the detachable Tour Pack or a regular passager back rest. I also installed riser for the handlebar. Much more natural and relax riding. No stretched arms more comfort. Choose wire wheel for the RK Classic look. I prefer the solid bags surrounded by bumper bar.
I can ride my bike in many configurations. I can ride a nice cruiser without windshield and back rest or in touring mode with the Tour Pack.
Two weeks ago I tried a Softail Heritage and I don't regret my choice a second.
gboily said:

Two weeks ago I tried a Softail Heritage and I don't regret my choice a second.
Nor do I! Glad you found your "Dream Machine" That's what it's all about Right?
Just look at that bulk head of a head light, leather saddle bags and whitewalls.
EASY choice.
enjoy the ride whatever you choose
I have a 01 RKC and love it. I think the stock driver seat is OK but the pillion stinks!! Think I will be getting a Mustang Seat soon. I have put in 500 mile days on the RK with little ill effect. And Iove the convienance of the saddlebags. But I would recomend that you rent each and decide.
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