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Question for you Heritage Soft Tail Classic riders

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I'm trying to decide between the RK/RK Classic and the Heritage Soft Tail Classic.

Why did you choose the Heritage Soft Tail Classic when you bought your bike? Did you consider the Road King? Anyone that has owned both and has a preference?

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San Antonio, all my life. been raining since Friday. usually ride all day sunday's. ride up in the hill country alot (kerrville, fredericksburg,llano leakey etc.) what part are you from?
A few miles East of Dallas. I would love to do some riding in your part of the country sometime. I may change my mind on the seat. Maybe a Corbin. I told them to hold off on the Mustang since it was on back order anyway. I'm going to sit on a few they have at the store this week and decide.
I have an '03 heritage, fuel injected, black and chrome - this bike looks great, handles great and makes me feel great!! Personally, 7 hour rides and more comfort may make you sit up and say "oh yeah - better get the next one up" - but really, how many trips are you going to take that average 7+ hours a day? That's a lot of riding. My wife and I regularly take trips, and we break them up into 3 hours in the morning, take a break, 3 hours in the afternoon - you can cover a lot of territory with 6 hours in the day - and have never gotten tired to the point of saying - "gotta trade up". This bike is good in the wind (40 mph cross wind yesterday - no problem), counterbalancers do their job, cut the shield down a bit to see over it, big size bags, and it will cruise all day at 70 mph without a hiccup. It's a personal choice - Rk's are great - up to you and what you need I guess - make sure you take them both out for a ride.
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21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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