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I've got a '95 Heritage & absolutely love it!

When I was in the market for a Harley I did consider the RK, but the classic styling of the Heritage won hands down.Mine is Evo powered & the minimal vibration is not an issue with either me or my wife,I enjoy feeling it as I rip through the gears! No disrespect intended,but if the feeling of the V-twin doing its thing aggravated me I'd get a Goldwing.

My wife & I recently did a 200 mile day in 95 deegree heat & were just as comfortable as our friends on their RK. I think alot of how you feel at the end of a long day in the saddle depends on what physical condition your in.

It may not be the "ideal" tourer,or the fastest, or the best handling Harley out there but it sure puts a big ol' smile on my face everytime I jump on it!! Isn't that what it's all about?

I get the impression some people are looking for the "perfect" bike,allways talking about faster,smoother,newer,etc,etc,.My advice is to save yourself some grief & get what puts that smile on your face,do it right the first time! I knew right off the Heritage would do it for me,no ones opinion really mattered,just my wife's & I.

Road Kings are great bikes,very classic in their own right,but the Heritage,to me,is the finest bike in Harleys lineup.

Just my 2 cents.
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