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I have an '03 heritage, fuel injected, black and chrome - this bike looks great, handles great and makes me feel great!! Personally, 7 hour rides and more comfort may make you sit up and say "oh yeah - better get the next one up" - but really, how many trips are you going to take that average 7+ hours a day? That's a lot of riding. My wife and I regularly take trips, and we break them up into 3 hours in the morning, take a break, 3 hours in the afternoon - you can cover a lot of territory with 6 hours in the day - and have never gotten tired to the point of saying - "gotta trade up". This bike is good in the wind (40 mph cross wind yesterday - no problem), counterbalancers do their job, cut the shield down a bit to see over it, big size bags, and it will cruise all day at 70 mph without a hiccup. It's a personal choice - Rk's are great - up to you and what you need I guess - make sure you take them both out for a ride.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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