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tdp1: Sounds like you are going through the same decision process that I have been going through. From what I have found, you can't really go wrong either way. I went into my dealer on Saturday and we got talking about this very thing, Road King vs. Heritage. He brought something up that confirmed my decision on a Heritage. He was talking with a guy that owns both a Heritage and a RK. This guy can ride 700 miles in a day. He said that it is pretty tough to ride that kind of mileage on a Softail but he can do it on a Road King.

The touring bikes are definitley better for the long haul, but around town the jolting at idle can bother you. I don't see myself doing a lot of long trips nor doing 700 miles in a day. My dealer who rides a Road Glide says the most he does in a day is 150-200 miles and said this type of distance is very doable on a Softail.

What made my mind up is how I looked and felt on each bike. I really liked how I looked with the extended rake on the Heritage and the higher bars. I didn't really like the way I looked with the shorter rake of Road King nor did I like the bars. But I really liked the smoothness at higher speeds and the RK seemed to have a bit more power.

What it came down for me is what type of riding I am going to be doing. I mainly see myself riding around town maybe to work here and there with an occasionaly 200 mile trip a couple times a year. For my situation the Heritage will work a little better. Although I still could not of gone wrong with the RK, I would just have had to learn to deal with the jolting at idle and the looks of the shorter rake.

If you haven't ridden them both yet, I would highly suggest you do. I went to a rally and got to ride both of them. If you can't do that, then rent them both for a day and see which one you like better.

Hope this helps you.
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