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Rocket Jockey said:
I am planning on doing the 3:37:1 gear change this winter on my Road Glide which has a Stage II build. I mentioned the gear change to a friend that is having his Road King motor built this winter and the Harley shop talked him into doing the SE primary gear change (40200-02) which is a 21 tooth primary sprocket and a new chain. The cost is $134 and the install is easier.

My question, what are the advantages, disadvantages of doing the gear change as they recommended?

Rocket Jockey
He's going to end up with 3.75 gearing ...vs your 3.37. first gear will be almost a "creeper" gear for him. No advantage I can see for a street bike. He sure wont like the highway ... 19 percent gear increase means 70 mph bumps the rpms from a stock 3.15 of 2980 to about 3550.
Let him ride yours if you really want to disappoint him.
you will be at @ 3190 at 70 with the 3.37's.
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