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Question For Thermodyne

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In your post rebuilding your Road Glide you had this pic
Just wondered what size tubing you used and where you route it to , also wondered if you could put a T at the air cleaner and just run 1 tube to under the bike somewhere

Thanks for your knowledge and help
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It's just 1/4 inch vinyl tubing I picked up from Home Depot.

At the moment it just drops down under the floor board, so I can see if its dripping anything out. Just ran them down the front of the motor and under the frame. Eventually I'll route it back along the inside of the frame tube, back to where the frame turns up. I've been thinking about some sort of draft tube, but I haven't really put the time in on that yet.
Thank you , I am working on doing this on my Switchback
Thank you , I am working on doing this on my Switchback
They sell little brass barbed unions there too. Much cheaper than threaded nipples. Just cut all but the last barb off one end and drive them into a 1/4 inch hole in the breather. Use a little epoxy on the barb to seal them and insure they say put.

You can also route the tubing down the back side of the push rod tubes to make it less visible.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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