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Question for Hippo

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I have a 2000 FLTRSEI and was wondering how involved and expensive it would be to change my bike from EFI to carburator. I have recently had a lot of problems with it at only 45,000 miles. I would like to retain use of the cruise control also. I am a pretty good wrench and have built a couple of ground up customs, I have never done a complete vtwin rebuild but about everything up to it. I am looking at doing this for performance reasons and long term reliability. Thank you in advance.

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Not terribly involved. On the latest bikes it is easier.
I just have been in contact with someone that has done just that. On the very late bikes the tank can easily be adapted as for the most part it is the same, but on the earlier ones you have to find a way to adapt a petcock while allowing use of the full fuel load.

Model for model and year for year the carburetor harness exchanges with the EFI harness and the harness is a little over $200.00.
Then you have to acquire the intake manifold, carburetor and ignition, as well as the MAP sensor and miscellaneous small parts.

Compared to buying a good aftermarket carb and ignition for a carb bike anyway, the cost isn't exorbitant.

Comparing the wiring diagrams in the FM it becomes readily apparent.

This fellow did a lot of research and it looks like HD has some sort of kit for the late bikes as the fuel tanks are the same, late bikes meaning 02 and on and possibly late 01's. Need to check part #'s.

Pingel also mentioned a way to machining a plug for the tank and then cutting a 3/8" pipe thread into it for an early style petcock.

I believe he mentioned something like $2500.00 alltogether but this included purchasing a tank and painting it to match, which may not be necessary.

The bike gained something like 15HP and 15 lb/ft with no mechanical changes besides the conversion and modification of the headpipes.
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The bike might not have had cruise, but it shouldn't be insurmountable, and it might be no problem at all, we just didn't discuss this aspect as it was a RoadKing.
Thanks for the very quick reply, I thought i saw an add for something regarding adapting a petcock. If you get a chance and it's not a big deal any part numbers for harnesses and other related items would be useful and apprectated. No rush I probably would not attempt this until snofall, too much riding time left.

thanks again
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