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Question about fuel line on FI bikes

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Went out for a putt yesterday on the FLHPI and noticed the fuel return line is barely dripping gas at the fuel return connection at the tank.The leak looks to be coming from the connection itself, rather than where the chrome fitting mounts into the tank.I checked it out in the FM, and I'm pretty sure the line is completely inserted, and the chrome fitting appears to be "clicked" in the locked position. (Everything looks just like the supply side.) I can't seem to find a detailed picture of the fuel line fittings , but I figure there is an o-ring on it that must be worn or cut. Figure 9-16 shows 'em, but not in detail. Dammit !
I'm hoping that's all that's wrong.I gotta a Toy Run to make next Sunday. If I don't get this squared away by then I'll be freezing my n*ts off on the hot rod Sporty !!:D

Anybody had this happen to them ? Any words of advice ?
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Sounds like a late Marelli bike as the early ones had screw in fittings and Delphi's only have one line. They have an O ring. Sometimes just removing the line and reconnecting it fixes the leak, strange it would be on the return side as it normally has very little or no pressure.

The fittings in the tank have check valves in them, they often don't work but they have them, no need to drain the tank to take a peek, if they work.
Thanks Hippo. I will check it out today after work. I thought my FM said the return side was the pressure one. Should I unhook the fuel pump electrical connector and run the bike until it dies to release this pressure before unhooking the return fuel line ?

BTW...my son was on the Sporty while I was on the FLHPI Saturday. The Sporty will run with the big dog just fine !! Who says a Sporty is a "girls' bike" ...HA! :D
That's the lawyers way of doing it, it's the safe way.

If you expect it the volume of fuel you spill is very small and no big deal on a cold bike. Just use a rag if you want to do it this way.
Thanks again Hippo. I was just trying to see if there was going to be alot of pressure when I took it loose. I'll give it a try tonight after work.

P.S. Never been much for Lawyers anyway. :D
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