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Hello Wardhawg

I was pretty much in the same boat you are about six months ago. Every dealer I went to gave me a different story about the 03 model. Some would say that the allotment for 03 was long gone others said they "should" be able to get me an 03. And some just gave me some BS about how the fact that harleys are so hard to get makes them special.

I was looking at an 03 model primeraly becouse I would have a large enough down payment for my harley around that time. Lucky for me I had purchased my wife a buell blast at the time when they had that trade in deal going on. where you turn in the bike within a year on a bigger bike & get all the money invested in the buell applied to your new purchase. Well my wife went back to school and did not ride the bike at all anymore so she told me to trade the bike in and apply the money to my bike. (God I love my wife) So I had the option wait for the 03 or get my bike a year early. I got the 02 and I couldent be happier. Got exactly what I wanted , No dealer markup(got it msrp), and only waited three and a half months for it to arrive.(I ordered mine) So if you can get the 02 do it, you will love it just the same and you will save some money on some fancy badges.
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