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They are only "sold out" as in all probably allocated to dealers. Each dealer has his own policies about what he does with his allocation. Some will undoubtedly take no deposits and put them all on the showroom floor at $2-4000 mark-up, some (like my dealer) will set a day soon when they have a first-come-first-served day to take deposits, some i have heard are only taking 2003 deposits from recent customers (can you immagine the local Ford dealer only selling you a Taurus if you had bought a Ford from him in the last two years?) and your dealer seems to just take deposits to build a list. As long as he is a stand-up guy and you are high on the list, you should be OK. Get an agreemnet on price even if it is just an agreement to get it at whatever MSRP turns ut to be and keep stoping by every month until you have a build/delivery date.

.....or just go buy a 2002 off the floor and be done with it...I hope you have a bike now and aren't giving up a year of riding for a few 100th year badges and a new two-tone paint job.
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