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Hi guys, it's been a while since I was last on the board. It's that time of year, the bike has some down time so I am looking for some advice before I go and order some new parts.

I have an '04 Softail w/carb. I have punched it out to 95", installed an Andrews 37 cam (gears), and used Moco flat top pistons. For the exhaust I stayed with the stock pipes but went to Python III, slip-ons.

The bike runs pretty good but I think it could be better. I had my local Moco dealership put the bike on their dyno to dial in the carb. Looking at the final dyno print-out my power curve takes a big dip that bottoms out at 3000 rpms and at the same time the mixture goes very rich. The mixture is also slightly flaky right above idle speed.

I am thinking that mufflers with a slightly higher backpressure might help lean out the mixture in the right spot giving it a little more torque where I want it as well as produce better gas mileage.

Is this reasoning sound? Would the SE IIs or the SE Torques have higher backpressure than the Pythons? Could I get a deeper, throatier sound with the SEs over the Pythons? Loud is not a problem but I would like something a little deeper.

So are the SE IIs or SE Torques the way to go? Are there better alternatives out there? I would like to stay with the 2 into 2 pipes, BTW.

Thanks guys,

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