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Once,while riding my 73 Sportster on Rt 2 out of Chester,Wv I had
occasion to break down and drifted to the side of the road.I started trying
to figure out what happenned when I heard cars pull up and a voice say
"Put your hands in the Air" Now ,to my surprise I see a couple of Hancock
County deputies and a couple of County mounties with their weapons on me!! I admit I froze solid and the head deputy moved in and requested all
my cards.After showing him my license and his partner running my plate
he told the other cops that it was ok.See, they had a report of a stolen
bike fitting the description of my bike so they just figured they better
check me out.Now, the one cool thing about this story is the head deputy
asked me what was wrong and I told him I didn't have a clue.He said
he knew about bikes so he checked and found that my igition wire had
broken.So, a couple wraps with electrical tape and the old Sporty fired
right up and I made it out of Dodge!!I stayed out of Hancock Co WV for a
long time.
Ride Safe
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