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This was my very first experience purchasing a new motorcycle. All the others I’ve owned were purchased used. First I did a lot of shopping around, since I traveled I did look at a number of Dealerships “outside my area”, but got real serious with several Dealership in my area, visited everyone in at least 100 miles radius of where I live.

I finally decided to purchase from Frederick H-D in Frederick MD, and hearing about what some others went through, a lot of other Dealerships could learn a great deal from the folks in Frederick MD.

First and for most, I feel they were honest, very up front, they did their best to keep me informed as to what was going on, didn’t charge a premium or additional mark-up. As a matter of fact I paid $75 less than MSRP on a V-Rod! Which in May 02, was unheard of, the next closest Dealership want $20,000 for a base stock V-Rod; I paid $17,400, out the door. No prep or set up fees, no paper work processing fees, nothing they were straight up. Not only that, but they gave me 15% off all my parts, with their on line coupon, I purchase over $1500 of Harley add-ons.

I also have to say they are one of those Dealerships that try’s to hold to the territory theory but if you live in the Baltimore/DC area you may want to see them and see what they have to offer. I can tell you they aren’t much for the Internet and you’d do a lot better by visiting them in person. They like to see a person and be personal with you they are not into the extended family idea of the Internet. If you are looking to purchase, and you live in the area, you’d be hard pressed to find a better Dealership to deal with. Hopefully this is helpful, I don’t work for them or get a kick back of any kind, just letting you all know how they treated me.


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