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Hiya Boomer! Long time no see!

The chances that this bike has the improved bearings is slim to none. That is in fact a BIG issue and one you need to know for sure.

Good advice so far and the best is for you to check the Vin #. My bet is that the bearings are old configuration. 8800 miles is right in the ball park of a failure when you are in the sticks.

Based on the facts and the price, I would not do it. At an average of 2200 miles a year, the bike has not been ridden. The issue of the bearings is real and generally lets go on an extended ride. This bike probably ain't had one yet.

I do not know if the warranty would transfer from the original owner in the case of the bearings.

I am not for one moment saying your friend knows either. If he did 2200 miles a year, why the hell would he know?

This sounds like a bad investment given the fact that you could buy NEW in that range.

You don't need someone elses garage baby or the chrome on it. The Chrome is like the ornaments on a Christmas Tree. On Jan 2, when ya talke em all off , the tree is dead and butt ugly sitting on the side of the curb.

The 88's have come of age since 99. Buy new and make her YOUR bike.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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