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I considering picking up a friend's 99' RK Classic. What's a good price?

Here's some specs:
99' Road King Classic, Twin Cam 88, lowered, Thunderheader, Power Commander III, Stage I Kit, excessive chrome, new Avon VenomX whitewalls, White Bros Bikini Beach bars with all chrome controls & steel-braided lines, color Vivid Black, stock, solo and Badlander seats, etc., etc. Blue Book for a stock RKC
is around $19K...I'm looking for $22K.

I looked up Kelly Blue Book online and they mentioned $13.5K trade in value and $18.6K retail on a stock unit. Milage is 8800. He is the original owner, but I forgot to see if he has the extended transferable warranty.

Your advice on what maintenance would be needed is also appreciated.
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Sounds like a nice bike. If the extras are what you really would do yourself its probably worth high book. Otherwisw, you could be paying for stuff you might not want or need. I assume you know him well enough to assume good care/ maintenance, etc. I just bought a new RK, because the used ones in SoCal seemed to be priced unreasonbly high (IMHO), partly due to add-ons and chrome I didn't value very highly. Had I found the right bike (I sort of ran into a new one exactly to my specs at MSRP) i would have bought it.

A couple of things I wanted, however, were cruise and EFI, and they didn't seem available on many/most of the used ones. Just personal preference.

good luck, greg
Yes, the bike is exactly what I'm looking for. I don't know what the pipe looks like but I can search for it on the web. I'm pretty sure he has taken care of it. I've known him well through high school and several years after. He has always taken care of his other vehicles even though he used them to their full capabilities. I'm keeping my eyes open since the downturn in the economy, people are unloading cars and the like at decent prices. Perhaps the Sacramento area will yield some bikes.
Sounds a little pricey, but if you're comfortable with the seller that could be a big plus. My bike specs out about like the one you described but it's an 01 and had 9400 miles. Billet controls, tach, EFI, security system, braided lines, chrome lower forks yadda yadda and picked it up for $19k.

If that bike is what you want, start with KBB stock retail and negotiate up to your comfort level. Just set yourself a firm limit and be prepared to walk away.

BTW: all the zero mile 02 models in ATL dealerships are stickered at $21.5k base plus or minus depending on extras.
The value of a bike is a subjective issue. I would think 18K is as high as I would ever go...hell for 2k more you can buy a new one, and get a warranty.

Accessories are not an issue for a used bike...remember, a 57 Rambler is a 57 Rambler...even if the thing has chrome wheels and dual antennas.

If you are going to look to give more than 18 you might as well buy new and accessorize your own.

One man's humble opinion!

Thanks for commenting guys. I'm in no hurry to throw down on an impulse. I have a sales background so I will definitely negotiate on the price when the time is right. Now a co-worker mentioned a relative with an Indian Chief 01' with 450 miles with $2500 in customization for 18.5K. Since both these people are not to motivated to sell, I'll keep my eyes open. Who know perhaps a softail heritage will present itself (my real first choice).
Check the VIN to see if it falls in the range of the cam failure.
thomas_l said:
BTW: all the zero mile 02 models in ATL dealerships are stickered at $21.5k base plus or minus depending on extras.
I see you've been pricing them also. Which locations have any 2002's left? H-D of Clayton County is closest to me and they only have 2003's on floor and some used bikes. They wanted $21.5k on a stock 2003 RK Classic.
I got an '01 Road King, FLHRI, about two months ago with less than 2500 miles plus about $2500 worth of dealer installed chrome/accessories. It also had the 3 year extended warranty. I paid $18,000. I would say $19k - $22k is a bit steep for a '99.
Make sure it's had new cams put in, personally I'd buy a newer bike, I've got a 99 and the cam issue sucked. I can turn you on to a 99 Ultra Classic for 14K, it's got 63K miles, but is in excellent shape.
Hiya Boomer! Long time no see!

The chances that this bike has the improved bearings is slim to none. That is in fact a BIG issue and one you need to know for sure.

Good advice so far and the best is for you to check the Vin #. My bet is that the bearings are old configuration. 8800 miles is right in the ball park of a failure when you are in the sticks.

Based on the facts and the price, I would not do it. At an average of 2200 miles a year, the bike has not been ridden. The issue of the bearings is real and generally lets go on an extended ride. This bike probably ain't had one yet.

I do not know if the warranty would transfer from the original owner in the case of the bearings.

I am not for one moment saying your friend knows either. If he did 2200 miles a year, why the hell would he know?

This sounds like a bad investment given the fact that you could buy NEW in that range.

You don't need someone elses garage baby or the chrome on it. The Chrome is like the ornaments on a Christmas Tree. On Jan 2, when ya talke em all off , the tree is dead and butt ugly sitting on the side of the curb.

The 88's have come of age since 99. Buy new and make her YOUR bike.
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Sold my 99 Road King for 15,600.00 when I got the Glide and was pretty happy to get it. The bike was cosmetically and mechanically perfect.
BTW, the cam bearing warranty extension is on the bike and not on the owner. They have to fix it within the 5/50 based on the text of the letter sent to owners.
Thanks for the enlightenment on the cam issue. I'll follow up on that.
Unome said:

I see you've been pricing them also. Which locations have any 2002's left? H-D of Clayton County is closest to me and they only have 2003's on floor and some used bikes. They wanted $21.5k on a stock 2003 RK Classic.
Actually, a 3 day rental in SoCal pushed me off the fence and I started shopping as soon as I got back :)

I shopped Killer Creek, Earl Smalls, and Atlanta HD (actually Lithia Springs). KC was $500-1000 higher than the others but that didn't really surprise me. In Alpharetta they got guys lining up to spend money there. Atlanta HD didn't have much for used cycles. I bought from Earl Smalls because they happened to have exactly what I wanted and an ok price tag.

I shopped a few private sellers, but they were more proud of their stuff than the dealers.

I figure with the 03's now hitting the floor, you'll see more used bikes at all the dealers. Personally, I wanted one NOW (bought on 7/3) and didn't want to wait :D
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