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puff the magic fat boy?

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went out to start the 2002 EFI Fat Boy this morning to let a buddy hear the V & H Pro Pipe and on the first touch of the starter, it turned over and kind of burped a big puff of heavy white smoke without starting from the right side down by the seat. Not sure if it came from the air cleaner area...seemed like it was further back actually. Anyhow, it started fine the next try and ran fine.

This is my first Harley and maybe this is all very normal but I wondered if anyone could explain what it was?? it was about 40 or so degrees F in my garage. The bike has maybe 50 miles on it.
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My guess would be a misfire on the intake stroke...
That would blow out semi burned fuel out the air cleaner..
I have less than 50 miles on my Fatboy (picked it up this week) but will keep alert for this if it happens.
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