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Promoters choice thread

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This is where the promoters selections to fill the V-Twin Forum Ride Of The Year will take place.

In other words, this is your opportunity to influence my choice or choices as it turns out.

Monetary graft can be deposited into this account by electronic transfer. CH10 00014 00A1098775667009

So have at it, and by the end of the month I will tally it all up and make my selections.
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Hey Therm.............it seems that " CH10 00014 00A1098775667009" is the address and phone number of a "Pleasure Palace" in Bangkok Thailand. WTF? :D:D
If you say so. CH10 might indicate that its a Swiss bank account.
Can my choice be back a few years?
Your choice, would actually be your suggestion.

As long as its owned by a forum member, and they agree to enter it, it will be considered.
Then I suggest 'Belle' be considered.
Then you need to convince the owner to offer it up. It's not yours to suggest.

You could suggest that JABBW sitting in your garage.
Define 'build'.

Does mine qualify? It was crashed and repaired/rebuilt.

Does mine qualify? I was only the helper on the repair/rebuild.

Ain't yours already in the show?
Translation please.

You have to own the scooter to enter it. Simple.

Toad can not enter G's beach bike. Only G can do that. So no need to be making suggestions and such at this point.

Get him to offer it up and then we'll have something to talk about.

JABBW = Just Another Black Bat Wing
IDK, am I? I came in 2nd or 3rd (2nd, I think) in this last FXRPalooza.

I wasn't thinking about that, though, when I asked what "build" means.

Whether I'm in or not, I'm still interested in how the word's being used.

In the current event you are tied for third, 4 votes out of first place. At the moment.

That's gonna leave a mark.

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If it really bothers him, he can take a knee.
OK so here we are where Therm gets to fill the field with the Promoters choice.

But first a little business. Event #6 had no entries, so to fill that slot, Homesick and his 1993 FXRT get the nod. As the runner up in the Run Off event, it only seems fair.

The first 9 ROTY entries list can be seen here. http://www.v-twinforum.com/forums/rotm-winners-hall/501537-2017-ride-year-preliminary-results.html

Which brings us to the last entry. The Promoters Choice.

So if you got a scooter ya think should be entered, now is your chance to twist my arm.

Lets say two weeks worth of twisting opportunity. Subject to me changing my mind and deciding early.

So if you want a shot at it, post em up here.
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Time is getting short, if you want to try to catch the promoters eye with your scooter, you had better post up some pictures by the weekend after the Great Turkey Culling. Ride of the Year poll will be going up on or around December 1.

If no one offers up a good alternative, its going to be one of my FXR's.
Ya, but I still got to stir the pot once and a while.

Or someone will get all butthurt because they didn't see the thread.
Not me, no old Sporties around here.

I rode em when they were brand new and I was young and dumb and full of.......never mind. Point is, I have no desire to punish myself like that again.

If I was to decide to do a Sporty, it would be a newer rubber mount. An 88 inch Sporty could be fun. And if I win the lottery and decide to be knee deep in scooters, then maybe a 03 with an S&S 100 inch motor.

Thing is, I'm a little on the wrong side of 60 to be building hot rod scooters. And based on the days I was fit to ride this year, it's actually time for me to start thinning the herd.
OK this is it. The Promoter will chose the last entry for the V-Twin Forums 2017, 4th Annual Ride Of The Year by the end of the day.

I already have a sweet scooter in mind. But thought I give youens on last chance to influence the decision.

I guess I don't need to tell you that its too late for signing over any of checks that have been floating around. But there is always paypal.
Well, here it is.

Drum Roll.....................

The Promoters choice is the White 93 FXRT belong to our friend Homesick.

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