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Promoters choice thread

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This is where the promoters selections to fill the V-Twin Forum Ride Of The Year will take place.

In other words, this is your opportunity to influence my choice or choices as it turns out.

Monetary graft can be deposited into this account by electronic transfer. CH10 00014 00A1098775667009

So have at it, and by the end of the month I will tally it all up and make my selections.
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My suggestion for the ROM would be for rides that the owner did the build. For wrenchers!!! :chopper:
Well sure! That's easy for a carpenter to say.

My suggestion for the ROM would be for rides that the owner did the build. For wrenchers!!! :chopper:
Define 'build'.

Does mine qualify? It was crashed and repaired/rebuilt.

Does mine qualify? I was only the helper on the repair/rebuild.

Ain't yours already in the show?
IDK, am I? I came in 2nd or 3rd (2nd, I think) in this last FXRPalooza.

I wasn't thinking about that, though, when I asked what "build" means.

Whether I'm in or not, I'm still interested in how the word's being used.

FXRPalooza. I like the sound of that.

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Another spontaneous joeriginal. You're welcome to use it.

In the current event you are tied for third, 4 votes out of first place. At the moment.

First I've seen that. Thanks.

Something like this Joe.
So it doesn't matter whether the work's on a 'need to' or a 'want to' basis?

And the motor has to be disassembled?

You're just funnin' me.

I'm sure there would not be enough interest in something like that here! :chopper:
OK, I'm in (I'm not gonna ask HOW apart the motor has to be).

EVOs would be interesting.

Nice choice.
I guess I'm gonna have to warm up the ol' Paypal too.

(Golf applause)

Congrats Homesick on your hard fought victory, it's a beautiful bike, the white works well on the RT.
All I get is a golf clap?!?

Thanks, but, as I understand it- I haven't won anything but an opportunity to compete.

Where's Therm?...

Gorgeous bike
Wow, thanks man.

Yes, good choice Thermodyne.
Is it too much to ask for a couple of new pics there from Homesick?
I don't know if I have any better ones, I'll check. I can show it to you black and damaged. ;)

There may be another one or two shots in my VTF photo album.


Where's that pot stirring emoji?��

I'm just here for the beer.
I don't really have much. These are all in my VTF photo album. I'm pretty sure I've said that before.

1-- This is of the smoked Clearview light cover. I just think it's a neat picture.

2-- It was black before I crashed it. This is AR in '05.

3-- Oct 2012, headed for KS

4-- Also 2012. My custom butt-ugly brake lever is very visible

5-- This is how it looked when I bought it in '04, except I put the S&S on it.


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That's better.��

I'm just here for the beer.
You're such a nag.

Thanks for the pics Homesick. So your bike was originally a Convertible or SP? The paint is well done.
You know, it's been so long that I forget which model it was. It had the short forks and side stand, if that helps.

My (now) brother-in-law painted it for $600. IDK but, with some of the crazy numbers I've read about here, that sounds like a good deal to me. LOL he hadn't caught my sister yet so I think he was motivated to do a good job.

I bought an '84 FXRT to use as a donor bike for all the luggage and stuff. I actually made $500 on it when I sold it.

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