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Progressive insurance is the Devil
you are preaching to the choir

They gave me $1400 when some low life slashed my tires and keyed my mint SR5 Toyota truck.
When I squeeled, the adjuster told me to take him to court. An attorny told me it would cost ten grand and in that state the ins co was not liable for legal fees by state law.
Cost me $6k to fix it. I wrote a ton of letters. All I got was a cramp in my hand.

Since then I've learned the phrase 'stated value', and I moved. AND dumped progressive. They suc

To be honest, they all suck. If your not hurt, your screwed.

I've also learned that you need to go the hospital. Fall down. Don't get up till the wambulance picks you up.
Personal injury you'll have lawyers begging you. Prop damage they don't give a rat's bunghole.

Guy ran a redlight last spring hit my Toy head on. Thanks to the iron on it it drove away. Still lots of damage. Girl & I went to dinner. Other guy went to hospital. His Chevy truck went to the bone yard.
Took 7 months to fix my Toy. I had to rent a SUV, his ins co admitted fault. Has yet to pay me for the rental (lot of money.) My ins co paid me $500. Truck is still F'd and needs more work (another $5k and month or two in the shop.) Getting ready to fire up the Attorny on this one. Thank God SC can stick them with legal fees. Fookers. Bankers Ins Group.
My ins co didn't help me a bit - All State. They suc too.

I was a damn fool. Should have gone away in wambulance "oh, my neck!!"

All I have to say is that if you ever have the chance to hose an ins co, take it. I know I will.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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