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SuperKaz said:
Got a call from my insurance rep today.They offerd .50 on the dollar"1/2" of what my Ducati was insured for!They got two qoutes from some Idiot "wannabe" appraiser in california and split the difference.Contacted my Attorney and we are starting with a letter.I have the right"at my cost" to pay for an independent appraisal .They can "Not Accept" then it goes to a nuetral third party"umpire" to come up with a figure that my bike was worth.They don't care about the 34k+ in reciepts I gave them!Its the Fair market value!What a bunch of BS!They had no Problem doubling my premium but sure do paying me off!Sorry about my spelling "I'M pissed,and on a Pain Pill!"Guess nothing is easy when it come to "The Insurance Game"!
Sorry to hear about your Ducati/Progressive woes. I had a sickening accident in my garage New Years Eve... a Ducati fell over, hitting a bike, hitting a bike, hitting a bike, hitting a bike... Like dominos. Sickening. Had a $500 deductible on each bike. Most damage was cosmetic... dinged tanks, fenders, turn signals, an exhaust here and there. Figured with the deductible I wouldn't get much.

Called Progressive. They came out, applied the $500 deductible on only one bike, and gave me a check for the full replacement value of all parts plus estimated service charges. They examined every bike up close with a flash light and saw things I never noticed. ST4s gas tank ($1700). I pulled the dent out. The tiniest of nicks.. full replacement. I received from Progressive far more $$$ than I will spend. Sounds like Progressive responsiveness could be a local thing.

The V-Rod was spared from the garage calamity, but you know, maybe that wouldn't have been too bad. At least H-D would have replacement parts ready to go. Ducati hasn't shipped any parts or accessories to dealers since the first of the year!!! How's that for crappy customer service.
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