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bermuda said:
You're worrying me - I have Progreesive insurance. I goota tell you I hate insurance companies with a passion (all of them). When you want to make a claim (get money) they all look at you like you're stupid. Does anyone know of an honest, inexpensive insurance company?
First, honest, inexpensive insurance company is an oxymoron.

I'm in process of trying to get insurance on bike because company I had no longer covers motorcycles. So I contact ANPAC over a month ago. Get a quote of $370. Okay, let's do it then. We start all paperwork on Feb. 10, guy gets check for 1st payment last week and calls me next day to inform me the premium is going up to $540. WTF!!! How is this possible?

Okay, here's what has been explained to me(so far):
1. When given original quote(again, over a month ago), they just gave me basic estimated quote prior to checking driving record. Oh, yeah, my driving record is CLEAN. Once they got my SS#, they started checking details.

2. They got information from Choice Point and a report called a CLUE report causes me to be placed in higher bracket. Just what is this damn CLUE report? Oh, it is a report that all insurance companies acquire from Choice Point about your insurance ratability.

3. On this report, it shows that my auto insurance had to pay out a large claim a couple of years ago when I was in accident. Yes, I was driving my truck, was sideswiped by uninsured, drunk driver and my uninsured motorist's paid the truck off and then sued the driver. There are also 2 other claims where I was rearended and in both of these, my insurance company did not have to pay anything because other drivers were at fault.

4. SO, since I've been involved in 3 accidents in past 3 - 4 years(again, none were my fault and insurance only had to pay out once), Iam placed in a category for people who have accidents on reoccuring basis.

I have ranted and raved at this guy for past 4 days as to why I have been paying premiums on my auto insurance, have never been charged in any traffic accidents which were caused by other people, I have been placed in this category. I get the old standard, "That's the way things are done in insurance industry."

So now I am in battle with my auto insurance to see what information they have put on the CLUE report so I can dispute it. Oh, yeah, I have to request a copy of the CLUE report and once I have it, I have 30 days to dispute the issues on the report. And, no one will email or fax me a copy of this report. They have to mail it. So I request it, they drag feet for 10 days and by time I get it, I have 10 - 15 max to dispute the issues.

This sucks and the new insurance guy is calling going "What's the deal on your insurance? When should I come over to pick up a new check for the motorcycle insurance?" I've pretty much told him I'm in process of checking with others. I don't care if it costs me same amount or a little more. Since they've jacked me around, ANPAC has lost my business.
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