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Progressive insurance is the Devil!

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Got a call from my insurance rep today.They offerd .50 on the dollar"1/2" of what my Ducati was insured for!They got two qoutes from some Idiot "wannabe" appraiser in california and split the difference.Contacted my Attorney and we are starting with a letter.I have the right"at my cost" to pay for an independent appraisal .They can "Not Accept" then it goes to a nuetral third party"umpire" to come up with a figure that my bike was worth.They don't care about the 34k+ in reciepts I gave them!Its the Fair market value!What a bunch of BS!They had no Problem doubling my premium but sure do paying me off!Sorry about my spelling "I'M pissed,and on a Pain Pill!"Guess nothing is easy when it come to "The Insurance Game"!
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'sorry, Kaz.

I've heard a lot of insurance companies will only pay "fair market value". To get more, you have to demonstrate that the bike is worth more and someone would actually pay more for it. When I had a bike "totaled" in the early '90's I got some first hand experience with this. I was able to find some ads in CycleTrader to demonstrate that my bike was worth more than the Kelly Blue Book price.

Overall, and you will be amazed by this, Progressive doesn't have a bad reputation.
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