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Problem with side license platemount????

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I just got my side mount bracket for license plate and I am having a problem..........i took off nut on left side of rear axle, put bracket over axle and now I don't have any more threads showing to put back on the nut on the rear axle.....now what the hell happened? I called website and they said it was correct part. Am I missing something?
Any help?
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Without specific part numbers it is hard to say, but what do the directions say.
Should it be mounted between the the pully and the frame in place of the spacer? If so make sure it is the same width as the spacer.
Just asking, because I really do not know but that is how I have seen them mounted on other bikes.
Good luck
Side mount plate


I have the side axle mount plate on my FXST. All you need to buy is the rear axle for a Dyna wide glide. It's a little longer so you can put the plate mount on with the nut.
Without pictures of what you're using, hard to say.
Mine is installed by replacing the existing axle adjust spacer.
See last picture on this specific webpage:
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