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i know a lot of folks here run the pro clutch and love them
as do i
is there any body using it with a hydralic cluch lever from hd or on a cvo bike?
just looking for some input here
i have used the pro clutch before they are great
lock up and easy lever pull
i have a customer with a cvo bike and a 113 ci w/115lb tourq /100 @ 2500 rpm
&126 hp
the clutch dont appear to be slipping on the dyno
but i have installed the pro clutch before and made a huge differance in the lower tourq numbers
just switched from reinharts to a borzilla with quite baffle
tourq came up from 80 to 100 @ 2500 rpm peak tourq stayed the same and hp up to 126 from 119
the peek tourq schould have went up wich makes me think abought the clutch
i will more then likely install one on this bike
just looking for some imput good or bad with it on a hydraulic levered bike
thanx in advance

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The increased lowend torque is a result of the pipe. The typical shape of a torque curve with FatCat & Borzilla is up early and flat all the way across. You will "usually" not see a peak in the 4k~4.5k range, as you will with other pipes. This is bacause it comes up early and stays pretty consistent all the way across.
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