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primary belt breaks

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My buddy has a 81 flh and the primay belt has broke 5 times now in 4 years the last time it broke he took it to a dealer and had the pullys replaced and a new karata belt suposedly they set the the timing but over the weekend I was going to fix his blinker problem he went to start it and it backfired a little and the new belt broke. My guess is the timing needs adjusted but could that break the belt? Any info would be great on what we should be looking for
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I would be suspect of whoever is doing the belt install. Is there an allignment issue or a damaged sprocket. A timing issue or backfire will not break a belt.
Thanks for the quick reply one thing I forgot to mention on my other post is it has only broke the belt when he is starting the bike.
Chuck is right on the alignment topic as well heat is a killer for the enclosed units. Is the derby cover vented??
Yeah The cover is vented but I dont think heat is the problem he has only riden for about 200 miles on this belt. Also if the pullys were off wouldnt it show a wear patern on the belt? Besides where it broke there is no wear it looks like brand new with no sing of binding or rubbing or I might be wrong Im just going off what Ive seen working on cars and stuff.
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