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power cones for exhaust

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changed out exhaust on 1994 flhtc from drag pipes too v&h long shots.
before change the bike would fly, had no trouble keeping up with some stage 3 bikes. bought at auction so i don't have any info on motor specs,,,improved some with rejetting and se air filter up grade .
just wandering is the lack of back pressure (with the v&h) where i lost power and if so would placing power cones create the same thing as the drag pipes did.
thanks for any reply.
ps i changed out drag pipes because they were to loud.
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A friend of mine did the same thing on a 81 Sturgis, finaly he believed me that the pipes were not the right length, they were too long and different lengths so they were not tuned to the motor. Without doing some digging I cant tell you what the right legnth was, but at least they need to be the same length.
The cones should help too. But the pipes need to be the same
One of the guys over on the J P cycle forum, didn't seem to think the cones helped that much. Might research it a little more, before buying. Just my 02 cents worth.

cones create the backpressue vortex you can i say can "adjust the length of your pipes with a chop saw well it works its clean your pipes are same length and they will be different than everyone elses with tips no one will know you chopped em off and hey no guts no glory
Runnin SAMSON "Tru-Duels" , on my "S&S" STROKER, With Power Kones,...My wrench INSISTED on it........!
thanks for reply,
i put cones in , does better with them then without.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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