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OK guys, impress me....
I just sold my Heritage and bought an 2001 Ultra Classic off of a friend of mine. It has a Stage 1 kit, with Wild Pigs slip-ons. It ran nice last season then it had a battery problem that my friend says didn't initially act like a battery problem. Before realizing it was just the battery he hooked his pc up to the Power Commander and made some "adjustments". Since then it ran a little rough when cold or at low rpms.
I bought the bike and brought it right to my mechanic who hooked it up to the computer and tried to download a map from another 01 Ultra with similar equipment. The Power Commander throws a error message when ever he attempts to load another map. It would only allow him to alter/adjust the map currently in the bike. He got it running much better, but do you guys have any ideas on the error message? I would think that you should be allowed to remove maps and load other maps as needed???
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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