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I decided at the last minute to go on a ride that I seen in the Thunder Press on Friday afternoon. The ride began (for me) at Stone Mountain HD (Georgia) and ended in Andersonville, Ga., which was about 160 miles.

Thinking that this was going to be just another local run (open to anyone), I noticed that the turnout amounted to about 75 bikes. That was okay. Once we got started, it seemed that at every on-ramp more and more bikers joined us. By the time we arrived in Andersonville, it was estimated that the group numbered anywhere from 1,500 - 2,000!

There were folks taking pictures from overpasses and a TV news camera along the side of the highway. Unfortunately, I left my camera at home.

A picture could not have captured the best part of this ride. The patriotism that was expressed by the small town folks standing out on their front yards and porches was heartwarming. People of all ages were waving at us. Many were waving with American flags.

After arriving at the Memorial, a service was held as well as stories being told by several speakers. Some of whom were POW's. Their stories were very moving, but the sight of all those small town folks expressing their love of country was by far the most memorable of this day.

God bless America.
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