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Just a heads-up. Found this on the ElectraGlideGarage forum. Seems it's affecting a bunch of E-Glides.

Check under your batwing where the main wiring harnes comes in on the left side (as you look at it from the front) near the steering head - there's a clamp that secures the main wiring bundle and attaches to the steering head that has been breaking.

I checked my 02 Ultra and the clamp was broken and just hanging there, and the screw that supposed to hold it that also acts as a ground for another wire (don't know which one) was backed about 1/2 way out.

Don't think it's a huge problem, I just re-attached the main wire loom with zip-ties and cleaned up the grounding area and tightened the screw.

The ground not tight may be the biggest problem here, with the electronics on these things who knows what gremlin might arise with a bad ground.
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