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I can't still eliminate popping on decel on my
Stage I
V&H Big Shots Long

I have SERT version 4.1 without ACCEL and DECEL tables. I'm not sure whether I can use 4.5 on 2004 bike. Please, could anybody send me a 4.12 or 4.5 software version? My dealer is not able to order it. Thank you.

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Vetteman, Road Bag thank you for your willingness and help. Brotherhood is not dead.

are you going to Superrally in Vinstra, Norway next year?

Road Bag:
Thanks for advice. I've read all reports concerning this problem on this forum, especially your theory about flood and advance timing http://www.v-twinforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=58580.
I've developed these tables:

decremented all highlighted values 14.5 to 14.1

VE front and rear
for RPM 1750-4000 and TP 0-2 added 15

Idle RPM
changed only:


This configuration gives the best results so far but popping on decel is not elliminated absolutelly. It comes up when I ride down the hill but if I add a little more throttle it disappears.

I also tried to modify spark advance for both cylinders. I added 5 deg for RPM 1750-4000, TP 20-30. The only result was too high idle RPM.
I will advance timing according your advice. I thought that low and high RPM are critical so I was afraid of modifying it.

- are low and high RPM 'critical'?; shouldn't I be aware of changing values (especially advance) in these RPM?
- do you really think that adding 15 deg to spark advance in the 20, 30 MAP columns isn't dangerous?
- sudden change in timing in 3000 RPM is 35 to 45; should I modify 35 to 40 from 2750 RPM to 4000 RPM or even to 7000 RPM?
- what is the engine operating temperature?
- I want low idle; is my idle RPM table safe?

Thank you.

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RB: Thank you, this makes sense. According to Data Mode, my spark advance at low MAP is about 35 deg. Do you think that I can elliminate decel popping only by modifying spark advance? No need to modify deceleration table?
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