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Thought we could use a thread on Vrod quick fixes and performance tips.

Does anybody have any thoughts on the old trick of ramming rebar in the tailpipe performance trick on the Vrod? A poor mans S/E pipe?:confused:

First thought that came to my little mind was 'how did a poor man end up with a V-Rod anyway?' ... ;-)

The rebar trick has been around a long time, it works because Dynas and Sportster (maybe baggers too, dunno ...) stock pipes have a circular restrictor plate spot welded in the pipe, dead center. If you look down the pipe with a flashlight you can see the sucker and it's pretty easy to either knock it or drill it out. Two things to look at/think about:

Check to see if there is a similar restrictor plate on the V-Rod to knock out before you start banging away. If the stock V-Rod pipes use a labyrinth-style restrictor setup, trying to run rebar through it will make a very rattley mess of your pipes.

If there is something to knock out, ask your dealer if doing so will mess up the warranty. Some dealers don't care, others wil ljump on any excuse to void ...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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