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My dad has a '98 Low Rider that gets poor gas mileage compared to my '99 Twin Cam Dyna Convertible. His bike is only able to go about 150-160 miles and mine is able to go 200-210 miles.

His bike is stock except it has Screamn' Eagle slip on pipes and the Screamn' Eagle high-flow air cleaner setup. However, the carburetor is the stock CV...it has been rejetted by the previous owner. I took the carburetor apart and I believe it has the stock needle. The jets are #170 and #42.

The pipes are black as can be and the plugs get carbon build up fairly quick. His bike runs excellent...we just want to get better gas mileage as we like to take long trips sometimes. His bike only has about 18,000 miles on it.

Any help would be appreciated...
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