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Poor idle - rough running

There are a number of possible things that could create the symptoms you have listed, but the most likely (IMHO) are:

1) Plugs have become fouled
2) Damaged wire or loose connection at battery or between ignition sensor and module.
3) Water or dirt has gotten into the fuel system or filter.
4) Broken valve spring.
5) Damaged valve.

Take it into your dealer. If they put it on the Scanalyzer they will quickly be able to tell if it is an electrical problem, which is a fairly quick and easy fix. If it is a valve problem it may take a little while longer for them to diagnose and repair.

The only warranty problem I've had was a "Check Engine" light that came on at 2800 miles. The dealer put it on the machine, and it was a faulty Turn Signal Security Module (TSSM), which they fixed under warranty. I had the bike back by noon the day after I took it into the shop.

Because I'm curious I asked what a new TSSM would cost - retail was $110, plus an hour to diagnose and install.

Running the bike at high speeds (140 mph) really should not be a problem for an engine that did 500 hours on the Porsche engine dyno that simulates a run on the autobahn. Likewise running in the rain should not cause a problem - but obviously something ain't right on your 'Rod. Is your "Check Engine" light on? Best of luck to you.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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