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I disagree since I have gone throught a similar battle as Dprice with another company regarding domain names I owned, the fact is, when it comesd to the law while size helps because they obviiusly have the funding, if the law is on your side and you can find a good lawyer it van be handled, Afterall there are lawyers who specialize in domain name and trademark laws and to be honest many would love the chance especially if the law is on there side to take up this cause, mostly because it could be great publicity for them.

Also many times in these cases emails and letters are sent because they hope the person will do exactly as you say and figure its not worth fighting because they will lose anyway, this way the company in question spends very little and avoids a lawsuit which would cause them bad press and money. If everyone just gave up and didnt fight to protect there interests when they are being encroached upon illegally then where would we be? This country began by people deciding they wouldnt be bullied.

dprice has my support both financially as well as all resources legally and technically.
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