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I agree with you guys, just hope it doesn't turn into a Dave vs. Goliath, if it does they will win. But I also agree look at the Corvette forum, or Surpa Forum they have semi-company supported, but not Harley Davidson Forum.

Regarding donations heck $20 -$30 is a lot less than most Harley Mags cost a year and a lot less than other subscriptions.

I support Dave in his endeavor, but I still feel that, just maybe, we can work with the MoCo and not against them; don't see any winners in the end of that battle. Of course I haven’t seen all the emails between the MoCo and Dave either, so I don't know the tone or approach each are taking. But hopefully we aren’t telling them, up yours, before we have a chance to work together either. Good luck Dave.
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