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After half a year of waiting I finally get my VROD 2003.
This beautiful made machine is made of pure metal and aluminium.
I mean almost made of pure metal and aluminium.
What I realy don't like are the chrome plastic parts on the cocktit and on the radiator sides left and right.
(The outer rings are made from plastic, with a layer of plastic chrome or so)
Also the turn signals on the rear are made from plastic.
I don't know why HD doesn't make that parts from aluminium, metal or stainless steel.
Does anybody know if some aftermarket supply'er has the right parts for me? (METAL and STEEL).

( Btw, I saw the 2003 two-tone live by my dealer and I like the Aluminium version better. It was very chic, but the black striping makes the machine look smaller. And you don't see the aluminium parts anymore)

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I agree also that the radiator vortex fins should definitley be metal, but so far there are no aftermarket replacements for that -yet.

There are plenty of replacements for the front turn signals...but none for the rear -as far as I know anyway.

The rear turn signals are plastic so that it would blend into the license plate holder...which I agree should all be metal. There are replacements for this but not a *stock* looking replacement.

I think the MOCO was just looking to shave some $$ as well as some weight.
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