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I have a used Pingle kit #77901 that was installed new on my 2008 Roadglide trike I will sell for $300.00 plus shipping. I took it off because it I needed a dependable full time shifter, due to being a A/K left leg amputee.

This unit had 2 issues:

1) The shift module stopped working a second time. Currently it needs to be sent to Pingle to have them look at the shift module again. If replacement is needed, a Pingle replacement module would cost $180.50.

2) The push/pull cylinder was having issues and has been replaced by Pingle the first time I sent them the module and cylinder to them for repair. That replacement cylinder has only 1200 miles of use. I also purchased a second cylinder ( wraped in plastic in the pic ) when they were repairing the setup the first time. The second cylinder is brand new un-used and come with the setup for a spare.

To buy this setup new would cost you almost a $1000.00 to buy plus labor if you have a shop install it. You could basically buy this from me and replace the module for half the price of a new Pingle shifter.

I attached two pictures of the setup. If your interested you can contact me @ my email address>> [email protected]



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