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Have an 03 King with the factory exhaust and Vance & Hines Ovals, Stage 1 Flash on the ECM, and SE 203 Cams, with Aircleaner as well.

Originally had SE II slip ons and couldn/t get rid of the decell popping with several maps I tried, Eventually disconnected the PC III,

After the install of the cams and the Ovals I realized that their is no particular map for this configuration either.

Any recommendations or possible actual maps that will get the best all around performance from this combination would be greatly appreciated.

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The stock head pipes on this bike are known for causing the decel popping. The left muffler acts like an exhaust leak. True Duals would go a long way towards helping the trouble.

I have attached a map for you to try. See if this helps and let me know.


Thanks for the quick reply. I loaded the map this evening andd will see what happens on the way to work in the AM.

As for the true duals. thats on the list of winter projects along with a 95" upgrade for the bike . Not sure of the best route (Vance & Hines or other brand) but it will be a bigger build and a set of true duals come springtime,

Thanks again for the quick response, I'll keep you posted of the results

The dowmload seems to fix all but the smallest decel popping and that I can live with. It will pop excessively if I let off the throttlef at 5 to 6 grand on the tach, but I expect that with the pipes anyway.

I did check all the connections and the cylinder attachment nuts for the headerw were a little loose (read that finger tight) on the rear cylinder so thghtening them helped as well.

So far I'm real happy with the results and look forward to a long happy riding lifetime with the PowerCommander

Thanks Again for the quick response and help

If you want you can try this version to see if it makes the high rpm popping any better. It is exactly the same as the other map I posted except for this area.

Thanks for the feedback!


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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