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Passenger Mount

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I have a very practical (stupid?) question. I have an '02 Fatboy with the stock seat. My wife is in ill health. She's not comfortable on the back without a backrest, but she can't swing her leg over the bike with the backrest attached! Someone suggested she mount the bike first, by the driver seat and scoot back, but that doesn't sound too safe. Another suggested she stand on the rear footpeg to mount. Any ideas? Is there a fold-down passenger backrest?
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I know there's a removeable backrest.it just clicks on & off.
It's a factory made part. good luck!:cool:
Thanks. I knew about the detachable side plate. Was wondering if they make a fold-down sissy bar, so I wouldn't have to take it on and off.
Where are you in NY? I live in Phoenix on the weekend, but work in Bethpage, LI during the week.
Backrest or?


Mounting the motorcycle onto rider's seat and then sliding back onto passengers seat is just a matter of practice. My wife did it for 6 years on a'89 FLSTC. It may not be everyone, but it will work.

Rlde Safe.
nyaz2000 said:
Another suggested she stand on the rear footpeg to mount.
Now let me get this straight....she is getting on the rear seat by trying to swing her leg over the back wwhile her other foot is on the ground? If so, no that is not the proper way for a passenger to mount. After you are on the bike with it up and level with both feet on the ground, she stands on the footpeg and either lifts her right leg up and over or swings it over the back. She does it only after you are ready for her to mount. Dis-mount is the reverse. Is this what you are asking?
Hey Nyaz,

Sorry to here of your wife's ilness, I hope everything works out A_O_K!!

One possible solution, as stupid as it may sound, is you physically pick her up and place her on the seat. This way you don't have to remove the backrest. The only reason I suggest this, is that, this is what I have to do with my wife who is paralyzed from T7 (2in below sternum) down.

It can be tough on the back but is well worth it. Good Luck and I will keep you both in my prayers.

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As Fifthgear explains it is the way I have done it for a long time. The wife likes it this way and can use me (shoulders) as leverage. Then she beats me in the head that it's time to go. :D

You guys are great! We'll try the methods you suggested.
Ape Hanger: Sorry to hear about your wife. You got to be one strong dude, or she's pretty tiny, to be lifting her onto the seat. Afraid I can't do that with my wife.
Another choice would be to get an aftermarket seat that has a built-in backrest that pulls off easily. Corbin makes them with 1 passenger, one driver or 2 easily removeable backrests. Here's an example:


Good luck!
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