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Paint Problem

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My '02 RoadKing has the silver tribal flames over metallic purple radical paint set (PN 95717-01BCE), which was intalled by the dealer prior to display on the sales floor. I bought this bike in May. In July, I noticed that the paint was cracking around the seat attachment gippy mounted on the rear fender.
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While at the dealership for my 2500 mile service, I pointed this issue out to the service dude. The service dude inspected the bike and noticed two other paint issues on the rear fender, namely, paint pitting near the rear turn signal bracket,
...and and paint bubbles around the rear stop light.
The service dude alerted the owner of the dealership who advised that I bring the bike back when I was willing to let them have it for a month or so. I said fine, see you in December.
Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. I was picking my bike up from the 7500 mile service when I mentioned that I was ready to pursue the repair of my paint problem, as a warranty issue.

A couple days later, I called the dealership. The service dude said he called HD but had not heard back yet. I checked back every 4-5 days over the next two weeks. Still no movement.

I said, f*ck it, I'll call HD customer service (414-343-4056). I got right through and spoke to Peter. I told him my story and he said the SOP was for the dealership to submit digital photos of the damage to HD and they'd make the decision. Peter also said that their records did not indicate that the radical paint set was installed at the time of purchase. WTF? He did assign a reference number. OK.

I contacted the dealership and passed on the message: they (the dealership) needed to submit digital photos to the factory. Response from the service manager was, we don't have a digital camera or an internet connection to the factory. I said, no problem, I'll take the digital pics and forward them myself.

I called the MoCo and spoke to Lori. She decided my problem was an accessory issue and I got turfed to somebody's voice mail.

I called again two days later and spoke to Phil. Phil knew his **** and said all dealerships have an internet connection to the mothership. He said if I got the digital pics to the dealership, he would call them and give them the appropriate e-mail address to send the pics. O fucken K.

I took the pics, burned 'em to a CD and took 'em down to the dealership. The dealership forwarded them. A couple days later, I called to check up and learned that they had not heard from the MoCo yet.

Called the MoCo and spoke to Lori who passed me to Phil. He did get the pics but they didn't have the ref # so he didn't know where they belonged. Phil then kicked it upstairs to Chris (the decision man).

Chris told me that HD doesn't actually do the radical paint sets themselves and that he would contact the guy (company) that did the original work. A couple days passed with no feedback, so I called my service dude. Now they want pics of the entire bike, left and right side.
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right side...
I then called Chris at the MoCo to verify they got the profile pics. Chris tells me that the custom painter questioned whether or not I had the radical paint set as there should have been flames on the rear fender. Hum. Chris says he'll get back with the original painter and verify that it was indeed his work.

I called back today. The MoCo wants to fix the paint on the fender only (as opposed to swapping out the entire paint set). I expressed concern about the ability to match the paint, but he assures me that it will be no problem.

We'll see.

Keep at-em wyo. Remind me never to piss you off. LOL Good Luck
Another satisified customer.
Good old squeeky wheel, shouldn't have to be that way though!!

Good luck and keep up the pressure.
It shouldn't take 15 f'kn phonecalls and you busting your balls to get this done! Someone at the dealership should give a **** about keeping a customer happy (I know, stop laughing). It's a wonder, without any customer service, that they stay in business!!:mad:
wyodude,,,,Now I know my next paint job will be a custom from my area. Thanks for posting this,,,,,,,,,,,,,and yes Bob Wills is still the KING. Merl ain;t bad in his own right either. Dan
It is a shame that you had to do all the leg work. But.....great job and good luck.
Also, think you could drop a name (dealer)?

Yea what they all said - thanks for the :)D DETAILED) post up
Sure glad you don't work for the IRS (LOL). Good luck, attention to detail and persistence seem to be the correct way to go.
Thanks guys!

I agree that my dealer (East Coast HD) should have been more pro-active in resolving this issue. On the other hand, if you want something done right....:)

One point that I would like to emphasize is that it was easy to call HD customer service. In general, the folks there were pleasant to deal with. So if your dealer isn't telling you what you want to hear, get on the horn to the mothership. And if you have to call multiple times, be sure to get the reference number assigned to your issue/claim.

wyodude said:
Chris tells me that the custom painter questioned whether or not I had the radical paint set as there should have been flames on the rear fender. Hum.
Wyo... I have the same paint set as you, except mine is the green one. I don't have flames on my rear fender either. Did anyone at the MOCO or the stealer mention the certificate of authenticity that comes with the paint set ? That should clear up whether or not the paint set is the real deal. Sounds like a no brainer to me. Good luck. Let us know how it all works out.
wyodude, I noticed your are in VA. (like me). Which dealer did you go to?

I know this isn't the way it should be ... but for what it's worth ... Honda is even worse to deal with ...

'02 GL1800 Gold Wing overheating, guage seriously into the red when in traffic, 15 to 25 mph ... Honda Dealer says he can't fix it so call Honda Customer Service.

HCS says

1. The bike wasn't really designed for slow speeds, you need to keep it on the interstate.
2. Your bike isn't really overheating, the gauge just doesn't work.

They never ever fixed the problem after calls, certified letters, and even NHTSA reports.

Feels good to be back with the mother Harley!
I've had to call to resolve a minor issue with my bike. After months of barely any cooperation with the dealers, I did call H-D customer service and Wyodude was right. The problem was fixed within a week.
Thinking about your story kept me smiling when I picked my bike up at the dealer for try #3 on the primary case gasket.
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