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That's an interesting stand/lift you have it on, what is it and how much did it cost?
:thanks: I made it myself. :D
Knowing I'd have my cycle off the ground for this paint job I built this motorcycle dolly. (besides painting my Harley I also replaced the steering bearings and polished the fork sliders).

I welded up the dolly with a wide base for stability. It's rock solid. Each of the 4 caster wheels can hold 1000 pounds. Each caster can hold me and my Electra Glide. Overkill? yes that was my goal!

I use my K&L MC550 motorcycle lift to get my Harley up there but my dolly doesn't have any moving parts (except for the wheels). That makes it so stable that I can roll them around the garage and even get up on my Harley when it's on the dolly.

After I got my bike painted I painted my dolly to match.



21 - 23 of 23 Posts