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pages are loading alot better

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I sure wish I could take that horrible post back---I really am a nice guy, and usually just sit here and read the great posts from others. Seldom have I actually writen anything. From now on if I don't have anything good to say--I will just sit there and read--no more writing. My wife wants me to get an UltraClassic, and I am just soooo close. As I mentioned before, I have ridden Harleys for 15 years, but at the moment don't have one. I read everything I can get my hands on if it has to do with Harleys. Would never flame ANY bike. I don't suppose I could get that last post thrown out on the grounds of insanity? Even if I can't---you'll never hear a negative response from me on anything. May have alot of questions though. Pages loading a whole lot better today--and I'm feelinig better about myself for the apology. Sorry, one more time.
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Don't worry about it. If your man enough to apologize, I'm man enough to accept it also. Every day is a new day for me. There are some fine people here, I think they can too. Thanks for the apology.

See ya around here I hope,
Nice to see a fellow Minnesotan here, Rick!:)
Nothing wrong with speaking your mind, you just sounded like you wanted to become the latest punching bag.
When we told DP about the problem we actually did him a favour.
It can be interpreted like you want the damn thing to work, if done in the proper tone.

**** has to be fixed, you sit back and say nothing and stuff has a way of dying away slowly.

Wish the damn politicians understood the concept, not to speak of dealers or my ex-wife. :D :D

Any difference in speed with your dialup?
Big time. Yesterday it was a little better, but today it is really good. It is as fast as the fastest forums as long as it doesn't have to search, and even then it is faster.

Looks like you have this puppy licked.
Cable modem here at home, DP. Can't tell anything yet. The evening hours are the busiest and the modem speed slows down.

***Rick, everybody gets insane on occasion. Takes a big man (or woman) to admit it. 'think you're getting a flavor already that there are some good folks here. Look forward to your posts later on.***
Good work DPrice. I know how difficult this type of thing can be and it looks like you got it right. Congrats.
Hey Rick, don't give it another thought man. Hell, ya did some of us grumpy bastards a service and allowed us to jump on ya! Ha ha!

Go back to your thread. Take your first post and click edit. When you see this you are in the right place check delete and then submit. The whole thing goes away.

Delete Post
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LOL you got the Power man! Now let's have some fun!
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