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I'm with you on packing, seems that one little thing you didn't think you'd use is the one item you need. Just put bigger wheels on you SnapOn tool chest and drag it behind. Ha!

The one item, like the lawn mower gas pump, that I carry but have never used myself is a Pac-Jac. It however has been utilized by 3 other guys to change anything from a tire to a brake rotor. Also had a friend use it to jack up a trailer to change the tire. He has one of those WHORE (we haul our rides everywhere) bikes. :) Hey, the jack is a little spendy but well worth the $$$$ if you NEED it. A fellow was selling them on eBay not too long ago for $85.00. Think I paid $110.00.


One thing I learned touring with Corvettes over the years. Share the parts, tools. Somebody carry a jack, somebody else carry the tire stuff, and so on.....so on......

Ride safe !!!!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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