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Thanks for the push, guys. I'm reading everything I can.
I just picked up a new Superglide this morning.
486 miles and 2 thunderstorms later I made it home !!!:D
Sheese........I gotta call for my service already ............................
Helluva way to christen her. :rolleyes:

Sticky side down..........

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I agree. There are several very good forums/groups/boards on the Internet. As you can see from the responses, most of us frequent a number of sites. (Just happen to think the H/D Forum is certainly among the best.) In this regard, several members have their own sites and/or are moderators on large sites on msn and Delphi. And they are very good I might add.

I would suggest though that each site has a distinct personality and culture. Before you post anywhere, "lurk" for a while to get a feel for things. Some sites even have rules restricting the type of discussion permitted. Read their rules and get a feel for things before you make your first post.

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mostly tech on choppers, evo and shovels, these guys know older bikes inside out
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