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Original Bigshots for sale

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I am selling a set of vance & hines original Big Shots. They were on a 2000 fxdl for a little over a year with about 2500 miles on them. They are in great shape, no blueing, scratches or dents. They come with removable baffles and all the hardware. Asking $250
I can email you a picture, could not get it to [email protected]@@
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Picture Please

I might be interested could you send me a pic of the pipes.

for some reason I can not send the picture in an email through h-d forum.
email me your email address at [email protected] and I will send it direct.
They are still for sale, anyone interested? Maybe? Somebody?
Here are V&H Big Shots on my Wide Glide. They are awesome looking and sounding pipes!!! I very highly recommend them!!!

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How do them pipes sound? Pretty loud, real loud, or 'WTF was that' loud?
Yeah, I'm kinda partial to obnoxiously loud pipes, which is why i was curious about these.
On a scale of 1-10 with 10 setting car alarm off 3 blocks away, they are around 7s. If you want loader, just modify the baffles. I wrapped about 2/3 of mine in aluminum foil. You can also cut them down to suit your taste.

With the baffles completely removed, they are a 9.7!!!
I tried to put a picture on again but for some reason it will not take it. It says it is to large a file or something like that. Any suggestions?

They are the exact same pipes that are on hylandr's pictures. Sound great, I just switched to straightshots for the staggered look.
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