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Options Please...

These are my thoughts and my process for my new 2003 Electra Glide Classic.

I did the 1550 upgrade right after my 1600 km service. You CAN NOT GO WRONG with the Screaming Eagle Stage 1 or Stage 2 upgrade from the start. GOOD CHOICE!!

If you can afford the 1550 DO IT!

As for pipes... Thought about Samson, talked to everybody including people here, over all opinion was DON'T DO IT!

Thought about COBRA'S... But not on a Decker.

Thought about HARD CHROME - Love these PIPES. No blueing, awsome sound, excellect looks, unfortunately nothing for a Decker. FOR A DEUCE -EXCELLENT CHOICE! (Would be mine)

However I went for Vance & Hines because of their excellent reputation. Quality and service. They have a great selection of Decker pipes. I went with the Turn Downs which look like an Eagles Tallon.

As far as performance, any aftermarket pipe will give you atleast 10% better HP when combined with a better breather - SE or other wise. I should have gone with the Hypercharger or Twin Velocity, but then what would I have to do over the winter months.

Just my 2 cents.

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