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I also have the screamin eagle stuff. The ecm flash and the breather kit. I am very pleased with my setup. It will never be a top dog street performer, no matter how much money i drop in it. E.P.A. limits noise to about 80 decibles, I think. The screamin eagles II are rated at about 89 db, so when your cruise'n there not load. But when you do get on it, they'll talk to ya. My performance gain was only 8 horse on a real hot day. Now I have buddies with the Vance and Hinds and another bud with a 1200 sporty with the short drag pipes. I do not ride behind them, its horrible. You need to ask yourself if your look'n to make noise or to make more torque and lower rpm's. I know alot of manufacturers say they inprove hp, but where. Is it in the rpm range you'll be using the most. In town I'm not out pushing it up to fifty-five hundred R's very much.
My best advice would be to listen to other exhausts. Its like buying a stereo in a way. What ever sounds good to you, go with.

It will be music to your ears
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