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I have a 1996 FXDL and would like to add a security system to it. I have seen the factory harley systems, but they get kind of pricy after you get all the different pieces. Are they they worth the extra money? I have seen some aftermarket alarms such as Scorpio, ThunderPage, Armed Gaurd, and Nady but I don't know much about them. Are any of these comparable to the factory system or possibly even better? I noticed that most of the aftermarket have wiring kits for the 1997 and up harley's, but the factory alarm for my dyna works with 96'-99' models so I would think that the aftermarkets would also work with my bike, but I don't know for sure. I also found a Immobiliser system, but I am leary sense the company is out of business. I would really like some feedback from you guy's.

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