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Ok, Ok

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Well my honey keeps telling me I need to find time to do this intro so here it goes.

I started riding when I was 11 years old. Mostly dirt bikes and enduros. In 1975 I bought a Yamaha 650 (Really wanted a Harley but couldn't swing it as I was a poor Sailor in the USN) and rode it every where. Then in 1979 I bought a Susuki GS1100. Great go fast bike (still wanted a Harley but couldn't swing it), made several round trips around the Southwest. Then went nearly 10 years without a bike. A friend of mine has an American King (Chevy 350 V8 Monster) and his girlfriend has a Fatboy. He would let me and my chick ride the Fatboy while they rode the monster. I was absolutely hooked again. In Feb this year I started looking. I knew I wanted a Harley (and could finally afford one) but wanted something a little different. My buddy said he could see me on a Springer. So my babe and I looked all over the place for a springer, couldn't find one and was getting disappointed. Then one day she and I went to our local Harley dealer just to look around and there it was, A beautiful brand new Heritage Springer. My gal took one look at it and said 'That's the one". So I bought it on the spot. She rode on the back of mine for a about a month and couldn't stand it anymore, she had to have her own. Besides I was getting tired of hauling her around, having her fall asleep on the back and banging her helmet into mine (Sorry Hun). Anyway it was exactly one month later that she found the Pearl White Fatboy she wanted, so I convinced her to get it (Does that arm twisting still hurt Hun?). We have been riding all over the state of Florida since. I love the feel of the open road and I really love looking over at her beside me, she looks so HOT.

By the way did I mention that she is "HarleyHottie" here in the Forum.
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She has mentioned you a few times in the EAYOR threads!!!
So HarleyHog,

Are you the one with the song???????
NO, that was jimmyk. :D :rolleyes: :eek:
What song? What song? What did i miss?

Hey, welcome to the forum divemaster!
Welcome to the forum!!
Does your handle describe what you do? A retired friend of mine did this and other things when he was active. I bet most people don't have a clue what a Navy diver does. Thanks for your service.
Going that long without riding must have been hard. You started riding about the same time I did. I've been riding ever since expect for the times I couldn't due to deployment.
You're real lucky that your lady rides her own bike. It was hard enough just to get my wife to ride as a passenger.
Don't burn up all the roads in Florida, save some for us.
Welcome aboard,divemaster!

Happy to have you here,enjoy the forum & post often!
IMHO, Harleys are a great "couples" activity.

When a man and lady share a common interest, the bond brings them even closer. And when the bond is H/D, well, what can I say? :D

On the H/D Forum, I comment to my girl Leece, huckelberry1, about posts. In person, she talks, and talks, and talks. She just doesn't post much. Now, in person I'm more reserved. Hmmm. Sharing the posts on the Forum is kinda nice, too. Talking about the "personalities", joking about what's been said and sharing info. There are a lot of good people here. People who are definitely worthy of the title of "friend".

'Glad you joined us, divemaster. And I'm glad you're sharing this experience with HarleyHottie. :cool:
Cox9000: I'm still a Divemaster in the recreational diving community. My FROGGY days are long gone.

Yep, been there done that, Damn glad I don't have to do that anymore.....
Who-Waa! I remember thinking -- am I going to make it to 20? Soon as I did, I dropped my papers -- time to go -- outa here!!
Are you an instructor now or take out wana bees?
Mostly take out wnna-bees....HOOOOYA
An official "Welcome", Divemaster. Yeah my wife keeps falling asleep on the back of my bike too. Now I've got scratches all over the back of my helmet. LOL
Could it be one of these "Wanna-Bees"

Hello Divemaster,
I found one of those Whoo-Waa characters that's a Wanna-bee. Ever take this guy out?
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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